Monday, April 25, 2011


Like the Sculpey product, we had to try the Pluffy brand, they both do the same thing but the Pluffy is lighter and airy where as Sculpey is denser and a little tough in comparison. For my girls the Pluffy is softer and easier (I think) but for me the Sculpey is stronger and tougher - or at least the handling of it gives you that sense. Having said that both are great products and we all have loads of fun making things.

Cat by Melissa age 4.5
Mum (age unknown), Victoria age 2.5 and Melissa age 4.5
Mum's parrot
Melissa's parrot
Victoria's parrot
Melissa's sunflower
Melissa's lion

Friday, April 22, 2011

Art Books

These are great, entertaining books about art that my kids just love. These are from my local library:

 I think this is a clever little book. About Max (a little lizard) not knowing what to paint and he asks Art (a big lizard) tells Max what he should paint and Art gets his wish...
This is great - I aint gonna paint no more! All about a little girl who paints everything and her mum is not at all happy but she can't help herself. A great read, I just hope my girls do not decide to take it literally.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter theme

 Egg dying - pink
 Rabbit colour-in
Egg and spoon practice

Sculpey - We love them

Sculpey products - we just love them. My girls find it very easy to manipulate and there is a wonderful array of colours. With the help of an adult to assist them (hands off, of course) on their use and to bake in the oven to harden like clay or if you wish, you do not have to bake and can keep playing with it until no more. My girls love to bake them so they become toys, this is an added bonus to this product. So far they have played with them for hours, so 30mins or so to create, bake and hours of play, well worth the cost, I think.

Here are some of the wonderful bugs, creatures, sculptures that they have done so far. Of course I could not resist playing too so I did a ladybug to stick with Mod Podge glue into my art journal.

 Melissa's rabbit (4years old)
 Melissa's lady bug
Victoria's bee and crocodile

 Melissa's stitch character