Monday, January 21, 2013

Rock climbing for kids

My little girl rock climbing with her uncle who is very good at the real thing. A little reassurance needed but she got there step-by-step. Well done for trying, it was a bit scary. Very proud mummy.

Nothing like getting your kids to try something new. As it happens she was the only little girl there, all the others were boys. Great confidence builder and good for self esteem, try something that is a little scary but the achievement of getting just a little way up the wall can bring on a big smile. 

Not just for boys!


We have snow lots of snow. So we went sledging, making snowmen and snow angel imprints.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interviewing my kids

I love the Artful Parent, the author of the site, Jean, shares inspirational activities for kids, including art, baking and creating. More recently she interviews her children and I though it would be a great idea to have a go and interview mine. It is a great way to get conversation going and to listen to what they have to say and think about what is is they are telling me.

Interview with Melissa age 6 and Victoria age 4:

What is your favourite colour?
M: Pink and Purple
V: Green and Blue

Who is your best friend?
M: Millie, Hannah and Amelia
V: Abby and Violet

Do you like your school?
M: Yes
V: Yes

What do you like best about school?
M: Playing with friends and working hard
V: Playing with toys and my friends

What is your favourite subject?
M: What is a subject? Writing and reading.
V: Painting and glitter, sparkling

What was your best thing(s) about Christmas?
M: My doll and my lion and having a nice family. I like my slinky.
V: New toys that Santa gave me, slinky, I love my princess doll and my teddy.

What sort of work would you like to do when you are all grown up?
M: Working on a computer and writing. Writing a book. Learn about new things.
V: Play on a computer, look out and see fish.

Which toy is your best?
M: My lion.
V: My teddy

What do you most like about having a sister?
M: It is fun with my sister and she does what I want sometimes. To play together.
V: Playing ball with her and airplanes.

Melissa wanted to add a question:

Why do my mum and dad work so hard?
M: To pay for the house

Victoria wanted to add a question:

Why does my mum take me to school?

V: Because you do.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rocking Horse

My Sweat Pea and Sugar Plum have a fantastic little rocking horse that I got from a car boot sale for only one pound sterling. After much deliberation we decided to call her Maple Syrup. Why Maple Syrup? Well she looks like the colour syrup, a nice rich brown and has a flaxen main and the tail, (the tail has fallen off) and since we love it on pancakes and both my kids were born in Canada we thought it appropriate.

There will be some adventures on this little rocker I am sure.

Fairy paintings

Happy New Year 2013!

Time has flown and I have been busy creating and organising and getting through some challenging times but I am feeling up-beat for this year and have been creating with the kids.

Latest WIP, fairy paintings with sequins for a bit of glam.

First stage:

Second stage:

MM 6 yrs, Mum, VM 4 years.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Puppet show

There is nothing more fun than watching children put on a performance. One Christmas present they received was this wonderful, portable stage with finger puppets. It certainty gets their imagination going.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Pop Up Pirate time, just one of the presents for the kids to enjoy.