Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interviewing my kids

I love the Artful Parent, the author of the site, Jean, shares inspirational activities for kids, including art, baking and creating. More recently she interviews her children and I though it would be a great idea to have a go and interview mine. It is a great way to get conversation going and to listen to what they have to say and think about what is is they are telling me.

Interview with Melissa age 6 and Victoria age 4:

What is your favourite colour?
M: Pink and Purple
V: Green and Blue

Who is your best friend?
M: Millie, Hannah and Amelia
V: Abby and Violet

Do you like your school?
M: Yes
V: Yes

What do you like best about school?
M: Playing with friends and working hard
V: Playing with toys and my friends

What is your favourite subject?
M: What is a subject? Writing and reading.
V: Painting and glitter, sparkling

What was your best thing(s) about Christmas?
M: My doll and my lion and having a nice family. I like my slinky.
V: New toys that Santa gave me, slinky, I love my princess doll and my teddy.

What sort of work would you like to do when you are all grown up?
M: Working on a computer and writing. Writing a book. Learn about new things.
V: Play on a computer, look out and see fish.

Which toy is your best?
M: My lion.
V: My teddy

What do you most like about having a sister?
M: It is fun with my sister and she does what I want sometimes. To play together.
V: Playing ball with her and airplanes.

Melissa wanted to add a question:

Why do my mum and dad work so hard?
M: To pay for the house

Victoria wanted to add a question:

Why does my mum take me to school?

V: Because you do.

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