Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful books for beautiful kids

I love taking the kids to the library and they get a kick out of getting books and DVD's every week we visit. I have to say, it is saving me a lot of money because once upon a time I would go to the local book store and buy it all. Not these days, it is time to keep the purse strings tight. Here are a few of our faves this week.

A wonderful story about a little girl who wants a pony, beautiful illustrations.
A fun book about a tiger, elephant and a hippo, they all want to catch the fly!
Wonderful, fun story about Marley going to school. Up to no good as usual but harmless fun. I love the colours and illustrations in this book.
I thought this might be fun way for the girls to learn table manners, as it was once taught but the old english language was hard for them to follow, nevertheless it was good to introduce them to something different. 
They both loved this one. The bear wakes from hibernation and he is simply hungry and my oh my he is bigger!
A nice take on this classic story. Simply FUN!

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