Sunday, April 29, 2012

They are too young!

I am constantly been told that my kids are too young to do this or to do that. Recently I read a insert from a book about Bicycle Touring with Children by Nancy Sathre-Vogel, she makes a comment that when she started teaching it never occurred to her that her six year old students weren't capable of learning complex science concepts , however she taught them and they understood. It wasn't until she went back to University that someone said that her students were too young to learn such a subject.

So why are we constantly being told they are too young to learn this and too young to do that?

We really do put limitations on ourselves, or at least some people do. I would love to take my kids out on their bikes and go camping too, mostly to get more fresh air, build up their strength and their confidence it will also be fun but I know it will have it's challenges too. I however, hesitate to do it because I am told they are too young for all of this. If we do not try how will we know?

As a kid I loved nothing more than to go on my bike and be out in the fresh air. My parents regularly took me camping, in a campervan, caravan or a tent and guess what, I have nothing but good memories.

When my girls were in a stroller, I had a Chariot, I would attach it to my bike and go cycling with one of the girls and they would fall asleep or enjoy the view. I would also convert it to go jogging or convert it again to go for a walk. They are so sophisticated it could also be converted so that you could go skiing or hiking. I go off on a tangent a little.

What I am trying to say is, unless we try we do not know what our child's limitations are. We should never underestimate what they can do they may surprise us.

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