Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Make a Dancing Puppet

A dancing puppet

 Supplies: Glue, dole/rod, pipe cleaners, eyes, glitter glue, polystyrene ball, cotton wool or pom pom balls, wired ribbon. 

 Wired ribbon.
  • With a pencil pierce a hole into the polystyrene ball. Insert the dole into the hole and securely place, you may need glue for added security.
  • With the pom, pom balls glue to each side of the polystyrene ball to make the ears, or create hair, whatever works for you. Be creative.
  • Add the eyes to the ball. Use a pen or glitter glue to add facial features.
  • The piping can be used to create the arms, wrap it around the dole and tie at the back and glue to secure. 
  • The wired ribbon acts as the clothing, cut a nice length of the ribbon and wrap around the body (dole rod), glue to secure.  
Share you dancing puppets :)

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