Monday, March 31, 2014

Skiing with kids

Spring break we headed off to the Big White ski resort in Canada. The kids had never been on skis before and I had only tried it once in Whistler ten years earlier and I did not have the best experience due to the terrible conditions. We stayed in a lovely apartment with its own hot tub and the kids shared their own room and TV. We did not get to watch TV, we were all having lessons during the day and we would head off back to the room to chill out and get ready for dinner. The food was amazing, infact it had some of the best food I have ever tasted in British Columbia. 

The resort is family orientated, accommodation to suite many pockets and best of all it was ski in and out. The village is relatively small and quiet in the evenings unlike Whistler where it caters for those looking for Apres Ski without kids. The skiing is fantastic, for beginners like me and more advanced skiers like my husband. We all had a blast. Both my kids took to skiing easily, my eldest was a bit of a speed demon which was hard to watch but my husband was able to keep up. My youngest went more my pace.

The kids center was very well organised and they all had GPS's attached to ensure they would never be lost. The instructors would speak to the parents after the lessons and provide a progress report. I was so happy that one of the ladies took my youngest out of one of the groups because she was struggling to keep up. She was almost apologetic about it but I was so relieved that she had the sense to know when my daughter was tired and needed to rest. They took her to the kids center where they do arts and crafts. The poor lady basically informed us that she was not used to parents being so understanding she gets so many who demand their kids are ready for things when they are clearly endangering themselves and others. To be honest I was shocked to hear parents would get annoyed by someone being cautious and ensuring their child does not end up in hospital or worse. Not all the staff were the same. My eldest had a crash, (she was getting tired) and her teacher did not see it happen and a passerby had to help her. Her teacher did not check her over but my speed demon was OK fortunately. I was not too happy because my daughter had asked her teacher for a break but the instructor wanted to get the group down the hill. As my instructor said, tiredness on the slopes can turn to tragedy. 

Nontheless, it did not put any of us off, sometimes you have to learn to get back up and get on with it. Now that we have all had lessons we will only spend a few hours in lessons come next season for the first few days then we can all go skiing as a family. I love being outdoors. 

We will be going again and we can't wait for next year.  

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