Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pumpkin Painting for Halloween.

This is so easy for little ones and big ones. I got my inspiration from some paintings I saw in a local gallery and I went out and bought some acrylic paint from Michaels. The store has a sale on so these paints came to 50cents each, Squeeze the paint over the pumpkins, these are mini hand sized pumpkins, great for kids to take to school for show and share. Let them loose with all the paints and away they go. 

They loved seeing the paints blend, drip and form shapes. I found it so much fun that I was inspired to create a personalised card using the same dribbling method. Acrylics take very little time to dry but I left these out to dry, undercover, overnight. It is a quick and easy project. They will look awesome for Halloween decorations and Thanks Giving table decorations. 

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