Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creativity Can

We recently went to the Mastermind Toys opening day in Coquitlam and they were handing out goody bags to the children. The packs contained some fabulous items including the Creativity Can. The Creativity Can contains all the items you need to make something out of a glue, paper, pipe cleaners and more. It really gets the kids imaginations going. My kids were starting to ask me, "What can I make mum?" but I refused to give them any ideas, they need to learn to think for themselves, all I said was, "Create what you want, use your imagination, it is not right or wrong, just play." Within seconds both my girls were creating. 

Here are some of the things they made. It may not make any sense to us but being creative doesn't have to make sense.

In the pack was a Playmobil game that hasn't been played yet.

A can that is about to be opened.

Reindeer's and butterflies.

Two wheel monster.

Being creative is fun.

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