Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday night, movie night and decorations.

Yes it is Friday, it's officially the weekend and for us it is movie night. Instead of pizza we had homemade lasagna, homemade truffles and the advent calendar chocolate treat but before dinner we decorated the house. I say the house mostly the living room and some of upstairs. I was a bit mystified to find that half of my decorations had disappeared but when we did the big move I threw a lot out, simply we needed less 'stuff' to bring back. Anyway, our feature film guessed it...Santa Clause.

My parents had stored for 9 years my fiber-optic Christmas tree and they gave it to me upon my return and to my surprise it works and it looks better than I remember. The only downsize is there is no room for my decorations so we had to do some improvising and put the fabric ones around the tree.
It is a particularly frugal Christmas this year for most families but instead of buying loads of new decorations, make your own with paper, glitter and glue. This year we have made paper chains, used coloured paper to make Santa and Reindeer pictures and we will also be making cut out snow flakes. So once I get my aweful camera working again, I will post some photos. 

Websites are great resources for arts and crafts so use them and get creating with the family, not only is it cheaper, it will also be personalised and beautiful.

Merry Christmas.

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