Thursday, December 29, 2011

Relaxed Christmas

Christmas did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to which is normally the way. This year is my first year in England with all my family and got to see so many people, some of which I have not seen in years - a delight. It was however relaxed and the build-up to it was fun. The week before the big day, my parents stayed over and we had a pre-Christmas meal and a present each was opened. A few friends came by dropping off gifts and well wishes. On the day itself, stocking were opened first then we had brunch and the remaining presents opened and before we knew it, time had caught up and it was dinner with the in-laws and another gift opening session. One thing I did notice this year, perhaps because Christmas day landed on a weekend, there was not much joy in the air, a lot of people worked up until the last minute including my husband and had little time to enjoy the festivities. All in all it was low key, oh! I noticed a lot of people were ill too.

We have received a number of invites for New Years parties, most of which did not invite children (the invites are by those without kids). For us as a family it is important that we spend it together, besides, I am not a New Years party lover, I prefer to spend it in the comfort of my own home with my family, watching DVD's, cooking food I like with champagne in hand in time for the fireworks and party goers cheers.

So however you spent your Christmas and prepare for your New Years party, I hope it is a good one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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