Saturday, January 18, 2014

Interview with the kids

Last year I interviewed my kids. Click to view the original blog post.  I forgot all about it until today when I went through my old scribbles. I said I would do this again and now they are a year older it would be nice to see what they say and compare it to last year. Bare in mind that the kids are in a new school so they will have different friends.

Interview with Melissa age 7 and Victoria age 5:

What is your favourite colour?
M: Pink and Purple
V: Purple and Pink

Who is your best friend?
M: Alexis, Saffy, Chloe, Diana, Neha, Ava
V: Cara, Alexis, Enchante, Hoodo, Deenoo

Do you like your school?
M: Yes
V: Yes

What do you like best about school?
M: Having fun, math games
V: Playing with the magnets, playing with Cara and Alexis

What is your favourite subject?
M: What is a subject? Art
V: Art

What was your best thing(s) about Christmas?
M: Opening presents
V: Opening presents

What sort of work would you like to do when you are all grown up?
M: Scientist
V: Go to work on a train like daddy, Ice cream girl

Which toy is your best?
M: Furby, Meh Kah
V: Furby, Bee Bah, love my big teddy

What do you most like about having a sister?
M: Playing on the trampoline
V: Playing pillow fights

Questions for me:

No questions other than they like to have mummy and daddy around.

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