Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year clean-up

I am trying my hardest to teach the kids to keep their belongings tidy and place them in a spot where they can find them. It is a battle.

However, here is one of my ideas, I would like to call it a solution but it will probably be a temporary solution, kids are notorious for being untidy and have time to play but not for clean-up. Besides, kids should be kids and not have to worry about these things too much but a little nudging helps. But when my girls do tidy their room they are spotless, I love it.

They have a an art desk with draws but instead of placing the art materials in a orderly fashion it is all displaced and spread over several draws. So now we have a paper draw, a pen draw and paint draw and materials draw and these lovely little pots are for easy access for everyday needs, $1.25 each.

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