Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Uma Thurman in Motherhood.

Motherhood (2009) Poster

Uma Thurman is a brilliant actress, she is not in enough stuff as far as I am concerned. I decided to watch Motherhood, a story of a woman running around fighting the streets in Manhatten trying to organise her daughters birthday party as well as her usual daily chores and pre-scheduled plans. She is screaming inwardly for help, time for herself, time to be her former self, a career, time to think, not having to do everyone's laundry etc. In some ways it was hard to watch, a little too realistic however, I could not resist. There was a particular scene in the car with her husband, she is distraught and talking about the things she needs to be 'normal'. I related to it instantly, what seems petty to the earner of the house (the husband) has accumulated in her life so much so she can't take it anymore. I, myself and no doubt others absolutely understand this frustration, the constant pick-up, cleaning, fetching and carrying and whatever else is added to the thankless task of housekeeping can weigh heavily to the point of exhaustion and a need to escape.
I have always been a working mum but now I spend more time at home supporting my family's needs but it took me almost two years to settle into the role as a home maker, house cleaner, (I despise mess but I also despise constant cleaning). Knowing, however, my kids will not be small and dependent on me for much of their life, they won't want the cuddles, kisses, hand holding, the need for me to take them and collect them from school, the birthday parties and all the things that come with their tiny-selves, I know that this short sacrifice in my life will mean the world to them in theirs. I can be home for them when they need me, that is more important than the dishes!
I believe that I am lucky to be able to work from home and be their for my kids, I know it is not like that for everyone. 
Do your best mums and dads. Kids want your love and the knowledge that you will keep them safe. You are their world.

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