Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Girls Night In.

The beauty of having two girls is that I get to have a pamper night with them and the older they get the more fun it will be. There is nothing wrong with them experimenting with make-up and beauty products as they get older because women need to know these things. I do not wear make-up all the time and I do not spend ours fawning  over my appearance but now and again I like to pamper myself and now I have my daughters who can join in . Poor daddy gets to sit and watch while we paint our nails (he hates the smell too) and brush our hair and talk nail colours for next time.

The limit for the kids beauty night is bath, hair, nails and tattoos. But for them it is more than enough, it pains them to sit still while their purple painted toe nails dry. 

For myself I replaced the tattoo with a face mask which scared the heck out of the kid at first, they thought I looked like a skeleton. While I waited for the green mud to dry the girls wanted a glittery fairy tattoo placed onto their arm.


Lovely fairy tattoo

Glittery tattoo

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