Saturday, July 5, 2014


There is nothing more enjoyable than going outdoors and enjoying nature. Recently my eldest has managed to learn to ride without training wheels but this is the first time we have managed to cycle together and we both loved it. The Colony Farm trails are nice and flat and not at all busy which makes it a perfect place to teach the little ones the rules and etiquette of cycling. She loved pressing her bike bell to let people know she was there, she did not like bugs flying near her face which resulted in her falling off and nearly going down an embankment. This is why it is important to be outdoors more, they need to learn to get used to the creatures that surround us and understand that we get in the way as much as they do. She did enjoy seeing the butterflies and the dragonflies not so much the wasps! Once she got over the idea that they are flying past us or just bumping into us she got used to it. It takes time.

What are your weekend outdoor adventures?

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