Sunday, July 20, 2014

River Market New Westminster

Yesterday we decided to go somewhere we have not been before, River Market in New Westminster. We wanted to eat somewhere different than our usual places and discovered this market. It runs parallel with Columbia Street by the Fraser River. It is a lovely walk, watching the tug boats feeling the cool breeze.

When we arrived there was an artisan fair on and there were some lovely jewelry designs and hats and hair accessories to be found. The girls and I chose an item from Chlona Art's stall. She has some wonderful pins, hair accessories and earrings at very reasonable prices.

There are many events on at the River Market; Zumba, bands, Lego, they even have a circus school.

 It is amazing what is on your doorstep and sometimes we never venture to it. 

Outside there is a mock-up tug boat for the children to play in. It has all the controls used in a boat that can be flicked, switched and pressed.

The tallest tin soldier. He is huge.

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