Thursday, June 26, 2014

An Outing with Friends at Colony Farm

A few days earlier we decided to go out as a group to Colony Farm. It happened to be a beautiful, sunny , bright Vancouver day. Nothing more lovely than meeting with friends and ending with a picnic and a play. 

This time we started off by the communal gardens. 

Beautiful day.

The communal gardens are very well maintained, some grow fruit and veg and flowers. There is a lovely feel to the place and it was a great place to start and end our walk. 

Taking a break.

On our way back, there was some serious conversation going on here.

We ended our walk by the gardens. Thankfully there are toilets and a picnic area with a large grassy area for the kids to play and they are always within eye range. They particularly liked the long grassy area. 

A fantastic day was had by all.  

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