Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Colony Farm Nature Walk

Today we went on a nature walk at Colony Farm. The kids thought we were going on an actual farm to pet animals but when I explained what it was this is what they said.  "What are we going for? What is there? But there is nothing to see". I had to sell it to them by saying there will be birds to see, flowers to smell and we can play Pooh sticks too. They were suspicious and not totally convinced. I told them they could take pictures and collect things along the way. They started to brighten up to this idea. 

I packed our bag with a camera for the kids, my own camera and snacks and a small bag to collect found things. Once I gave the camera to them and the collection bag they really got into it, they started to observe what was around them. It was lovely. 

We sang songs, skipped, took pictures, played Pooh sticks, had a break and a snack, climbed and I had to bribe them with hot chocolate on the way back home. 

 Colony farm is a lovely place to visit and a great place to take a bike which is what we will do next time.

Here are some of the pictures we took.

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