Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Love of Reading

Judy Moody and Friends
Robert Munsch
Magnetic book markers
 Gosh! How things have changed. If I had had access to the internet as a kid I would have been glued to it. There is so much information to learn that I think my studies would have been that much better. I think I would have loved reading more too. I say this because there are some wonderful children's book authors who have the most fabulous websites and interactive pages to make the books come alive in a way that I could never have imagined as a child.

The list I have provided is a sample of sites I think are fantastic for kids and not just for kids who love to read but also encourage them to read books more. The authors have excellent reviews from their readers as an added bonus.

I have yet to read any of David William's books but I recongnise him from the television. I also know him from a book that has had great reviews, Gangsta Granny. Check out his site it is wonderfully colourful has videos, games and competitions. You may recognise the illustrator too, Quentin Blake.

Quentin Blake is also known for illustrating books for Roald Dahl. Not only is there a website for Roald Dahl and his books but there is also a museum   which sadly I never got to go to. My kids love The Enormous Crocodile, we use a crocodile puppet and change the names to our kids names and they love it.

Both my children and I love Winnie the Witch. Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul are the creators to these wonderful stories. The books are wonderfully illustrated and the website has printable drawing and colouring activities and party game ideas and how to dress like Winnie. Kids love to dress like Winnie the Witch and have Wilbur the cat by their side.

Robert Munsch. You can't not like his books. His website is fantastic too. The kids love Smelly Socks, Mud Puddles, I Have to Go and more. Our Canadian family whom are mostly made up of teachers love to buy the young children in the family these books. And why not? They are truly lovely stories.

Judy Moody and Friends.  Great reading book for kids who are ready for long chapter books but still want pictures. My eldest has yet to start reading her first Judy Moody and Friends series she has many other books on the go. But from what I can see she will love it.

I want to name more but there are just too many. These are just to wet the appetite for the love of reading.

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