Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School Strikes in British Columbia

BC school teachers are striking, I don't blame them but it is frustrating and not fair on the kids. Here is a letter from a teacher, it will give you a teachers point of view. I do not want to get started on this so I will focus on my kids.

The kids have an extra long summer vacation. What is a family to do when the kids are off? I am lucky that I can work from home but I can't always justify paying a few hundred dollars here and there not since I have spent a small fortune on summer camps plus all the day trips we will have together.

Today I decided they needed an activity to keep them occupied where they do not need to rely on my input or help. I got them Lego. They have been busy building for a few hours now and they are playing with the characters. Phew! Today I have managed to keep their minds active. But what about tomorrow and the next day, I need to build a lesson plan, a calendar, a routine of sorts. Each morning they help with chores. They have to read each day, that is a given. We either read to them or they read to us or both. They of course get to play, imaginative play is the best, afterall they are only little once.

They like to play in the carport where they make mud pies and play on their bikes and scooters, they can do this in all weather and often do. I plan to take them on forest walks with bear spray in hand. They love to be outdoors and there are plenty of free activities to do, hiking, spray parks, outdoor pools, cycling and scooter-ing. I also have the support of family who can take them off my hands on odd days.

I have a birthday party to plan which is particularly challenging because I can't pick up any surprises while the kids are with me.

Hopefully the next few weeks will not be too bad for all.

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