Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Art desks and creative play

Gramps brought the girls an art desk each, which is very in-keeping with all the arts and crafts we do together. Now I have a dining room table again and they can paint and glue and create at their very own table. They are great, they have seats attached, one has a lift up desk, like the old fashioned school desks. They both have pots to store pens etc, a fab gift that does not take too much space either. The kids also received lots of paper, pens, crayons, craft projects etc as presents too which was great, most of which have been used and abused. 

To add to their creative imaginations they also got a dress-up box, that included, shoes, dresses, crowns, wands and wings, it is great fun to watch them act and perform.

Happy creating!!!

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