Friday, January 20, 2012

Charles Dickens - 200th Birthday

Charles Dickens, 200 years celebrations, Portsmouth

There are a number of events happening this year for Charles Dickens` 200th birthday (7th Feb 1812). I am a little excited to say the least. I plan to venture to his hometown, Portsmouth in Feb with the children. My girls, of course like so many, have seen some of his books in movie form, mainly a Christmas Carol (Mickey Mouse version), which we have on DVD at home. We also have Oliver Twist, which they watched a little of but the BBC production is a little scary but I have to say there are some valuable lessons to be learnt too. They both did not like the fact Oliver got snatched and taken away, so a little shock value I am not too concerned with but my little one was a little traumatized by it, my eldest thought is was a great film, so she can watch it when my youngest is in bed. I do sometimes forget how young she is, poor thing.

Some of the events will have street performers, (hopefully no young pick-pockets), readings, free museum admission, should space allow and craft activities. It should be a great family day out.

For events and information please check the link below:

I will send an update.

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