Monday, January 16, 2012

Roald Dahl

Some of my suggestions have not worked on the kids for example the Fun Box, I think it is because they are still a little too young to know what they want so I have decided to give them some themes instead. For example, we have the Jane Austen weekend, which we will do again sometime soon and may even dress-up (but sadly not the real costumes I have non and I have no idea how to make them) so tea, candles and reading singing and pretending to play instruments, I think this will be a lot of fun and give them an idea of what it was like in Jane's day. There is also a selection of children's books that have been adapted to be more palatable but I will hold off on this for another time. It is always nice to come back to something, it will help to reinforce the subject matter.

My next theme, as the title suggest is R. Dahl, there is a great museum which is a little over an hour away from where I live so maybe this will be something we do during half term. The girls love his story, The Enormous Crocodile, and to make the story more fun we have a puppet croc. that is just awesome. The kids are not allowed to touch him for he may eat them! 

We have read, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twits and Georges Marvellous Medicine. Some of Dahl's stories are quite wicked!

Next read will be, The Giraffe, Pelly and Me and we have Matilda on order since it was not in the book store. (Amazon is cheaper anyway).

I also believe and have seen it, if we turn books into something more than just reading, they will enjoy text even more. I say it as I have noticed changes to my girls reading since our outing on the weekend, they both want to read before they sleep and I encourage it.

Happy reading!

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