Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jane Austen - with kids

I thought I would try something a bit different with the girls this weekend. I have a few Jane Austen DVD's, Sense and Sensibility and Emma, so I thought I would expose the kids to something very different other than crazy cartoons and pixar films and add something to the new mix.

My eldest liked the fashion and the transport, "what no cars, no TV's, what did they do?", infact this is the point of introducing them to some classics, to understand that the world has changed and people entertained themselves in different ways and spoke slightly different too. Of course, Jane Austen is generally about the rich, who lived in stately homes or cottages that most people these days would love to own, yet it was scorned on to be demoted to a cottage after living on an estate. Anyway, my kids attention span was somewhat short so they did not manage to get all the way through the film(s), and lots of questions were asked all the way through, which was lovely.

A visit here might be in order:

So today we did indeed visit the lady's house and it was a lovely yet cold winters day yet perfect for walking around the country and ended in the tea room for a perfect cuppa. The girls got to do a 'treasure' hunt and they won a little prize at the end and in the shop they both wanted a quill to write with. Great for my 5 year old, she asked lots of questions and enjoyed the costumes. My 3 year old wanted to touch everything which was a no, no except for the 200 year old piano. Everywhere I went, it was, don't touch which really distracted from reading the information in the rooms! Evenso, it was lovely and it is nice to get the kids experience something other than lego land or Disney World, even though I am sure, they would have had tonnes of fun there.

Girls outside Jane Austen's house.

It was a lovely house, very homely. Rooms were small and cozy. I would love to live somewhere like this. It has a lovely garden too.

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