Friday, January 20, 2012

It's the weekend, lovely jubbly

Thank goodness it is the weekend. This week unlike last one gone went nice and quick and it has been a challenging few weeks but not too challenging. Back to school, at a new school, my little one needs a new pre-school, meeting new people and finding things to do and visit with the kids. The weather was really cold at one point but beautifully sunny. The husband away on business so not much 'me' time. New books have been read and started. Homework to deal with and for me to re-learn all over again and to explain it at a 5 year old's level.

Lots of new things, lots of exciting things and hopefully it will get easier sooner than later.

This weekend, I think we will stay at home and go for a walk exploring the world around us and taking cameras and sketch books and bring things home for arts and crafts.

Whatever you are doing - HAVE FUN!

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