Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Center

I am in the middle of designing an arts, crafts, writing, homework area for my little ones. It will involve: using a recycled bookcase, glass jars, keeping household items, paint, glue, glitter, pens and so on. It is going to be a long process as I gather items from within the home. 

Progress will be posted as it unfolds. Cheap is the name of the game, nothing fancy and something the kids can help me with. It will teach them (I hope), to recycle, to  use their imagination and create, it does not have to be expensive to be fun and it will be an interactive family project.

Currently I am inbetween home ownership so renting limits me with how much I can do. I will, however, not let this stop me from creating a space that suit our immediate needs and wants.

If you have done anything similar, let me know I would love to see your project. 

Recycling for later creations
Organising with glass jars

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