Friday, November 4, 2011

UK Library

So the library I used prior to this blog was based in Vancouver but I have moved back to the UK, living the village life and it is not cheap!

I have signed up the girls to the library and they have their own dinosaur library cards. Today I went on the mobile library bus that sits in the car park across the road of my house every Friday morning. I chose not to have TV or Sky/Cable therefore DVD's are our source of entertainment, therefore since Friday night is pizza, popcorn and movie night I would get a few kids DVD's, which include, Cinderella, FiFi, Rupert the Bear and Angelina Ballerina. As I went to check them out to my horror and amazement you actually have to pay to take out DVD's. I could say a few profanities but after all this blog is for kids and parents. Of course I did not have money, just library cards so I was informed I could pay next time I drop them off.

Hmmm! Sure, it is cheaper than renting from the video store but I thought I was going to a library that had free resources.

Oh well! Village life will continue forth.

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