Friday, November 11, 2011

Cardboard castle

On a cold, sunny, November Sunday, daddy and mummy went for coffee and took a look at the monthly farmers market. Prior to their coffee indulgence,  the kids were dropped off at grandmas' and their great aunts' house, mawahaha!

OK, so whilst I was having a coffee I was half listening to my husband and half thinking about what I could do with two bored kids on a Sunday afternoon. Other than the usual Sunday walk in the woods I thought it was time to use the recycled items I had accumulated over the past week or so. I dared to ask what the girls would like to build and the inevitable answer spurted out, "A Princess Castle".

Bare in mind I am not really an arts and crafts person I am more into my painting so I had to delve deep into my childhood memories to when I built my own things out of household items, Blue Peter style, (except when I used to watch the show I never had the items required to build a magnificent masterpiece).

So here is what I and the girls built together.

I should add a disclaimer of sorts - yet again it ended in tears (I think this should be the name of my blog) because they did not want to stop playing with it but the 'pools' became a bit of a water hazard when the girls sneakily took water from the sink and added it to form rain which was poured over the top of the'castle' and the overflowing pool then became a scientific project!!!

Once the tears had subsided the 'castle' was used for its intended purpose, to play house with their mini dolls and pretend there is water. :) Phew!

(Instructions will follow later).

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