Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cleaning Mad.

I do obsess about the house cleaning and making sure it is organised and clean but really do I need to really go mad over it? Does a little dirt and mess hurt really? Well no but we are brainwashed by TV that mess and dirt is bad for you, sure in excess it is but like most mothers, I make sure the house is tidy before I have visitors, the kids get shouted at if they make a mess while I am in the process of tidying up or I have just finished the clean-up. I need to step back and forget about it all, forget that I have no dishes to eat off, that the muddy boots have been trampled through the house leaving stains on the carpet or rug, that the table is covered in arts and crafts so there is no table to eat off. 

At the end of the day all the above does not matter because it is not going to last long. Eventually they will grow up and not want the hugs and kisses I offer or the activities I spend time researching for them or infact they will not want to spend time with me at all at, unless they want to spend my money. Caring about what others think about my house should be of no concern (unless I want them to return again). 

So my daily mantra and please join in if you feel the need.

 Leave the cleaning alone until the kids have gone to bed.

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