Saturday, November 19, 2011

A day out in London

Today is the first time we have taken the kids into London for a day trip. We were going to take them to Hamleys, the huge London toy store but instead someone suggested Harrods would be a great place because there is a good selection but not 5 floors worth plus we have the food store to visit. I would love to wander through to look at the clothes but no one other than me would enjoy it and besides I have no justification in paying some of the Harrods prices. Anyway, the girls got a cuddly toy each and we got ourselves some yummy chocolates.

The kids were great on the train into London. We packed some drinks, fruit colouring book and pens and they were happy campers. We got a taxi cab to Harrods but the traffic was horrid and the cost was a bit shocking to say the least. We eventually got to Harrods and it was busy. It is ALWAYS busy. It was a little bit of a challenge to find the toy section, there was no signage and we had to go up 4 floors but we got there. I think the kids were a little overwhelmed, my youngest was just so happy to be there, my eldest went into a strop, we then realised that she had seen something she liked then we went back to look for it and could not find it. Eventually she found it - phew! Lucky for us all it was not an expensive toy (there would have been tears if it had been) and little miss (my youngest) could not decide what she wanted then we found this really cool puppy.

We then went onwards to Piccadilly Circus to the Rain Forest Cafe only to find there was a 20mins wait and  the kids were not going to wait that long so we ventured on until we could find somewhere that did not have a waiting time. It would have been fun going to the Rain Forest Cafe :(.

We came back home before it was dark, it would have been nice to have stayed so they could see the Christmas lights but they were getting tired and they were ready to come home and so were we.

It was a great day out.

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