Sunday, November 20, 2011


My eldest daughter is in a great infant school. She is doing well there and I am pleased with her progress. However, we are not too thrilled about the primary school she would end up in.

Prior to her being enrolled in her current school we were applying to schools when we were still in Canada and in the middle of our move. I had to go by what family told us who were based in the area we were moving to and by the ofsted reports online, sad to say she ended up in none of the schools we had chosen for her (humph!).

As it happens my little girl started nursery school a few weeks after school term time started and I spoke to the owner who mentioned a great local school that was not as well know but was up and coming and had an outstanding reputation. I left it for a month or so before visiting but when both my husband and I had time to go, we were greeted by this lovely old school with loads of grounds in the middle of the countryside in a tiny village. To add it takes kids from Yr R to Yr 6 so we only have to worry about what secondary school she ends up in, and our little one will end up going there too and they will both be in the same school at the same time (Hooray!).  Needless to say we were impressed but we were informed to apply quick because word was out and places were filling up fast. So we did and we got  a letter a week later to find she had not been accepted (humph!). We decided that we would appeal, it took us a week to do it even though it was a one page form, because with these things if you do not word it right you are out.

Luck would have it she got in so now we have to decide when she should start. I think the new year would be a good starting place.

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