Friday, November 4, 2011

Science Projects for 3-6 year olds

I saw this book by Muriel Mandell and thought it would be great to do some very simple science experiments in the home using items you can normally find around the house, e.., straws, bottles, lemons etc.

The first experiment I tested with the girls, was to see if you can bend a straw without touching it. They seemed quite excited about it all, but the task I had was trying to explain where the bend was, then one of the kids accidently trod on the toe of the other one then there was pushing and shoving and there the experiment ended for another day. 

What did I do wrong? I have no idea, maybe I got them at the wrong time of the day, maybe they had no clue what was meant by a bend (when actually it appears broken). So I was somewhat disappointed that the 2 minute session ended on a low note. 

Am I the only one who deals with this? I read other blogs and they seem idyllic, well organised and well received. I think someone somewhere is trying to paint the perfect picture that does not exist or maybe I am  being honest. It would be great to hear that I am not alone in this huge world of parenthood.

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