Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I know, I know, but Christmas is in the air and the chill is setting in and today was a day for us all to have hot chocolate and making decorations in preparation.

There was glue, paint, cardboard cereal box and lots and lots and lots of GLITTER! Girls love glitter and I am sure little boys do too and it is perfect for making Christmas inspired decorations. I cut out the shapes from the cereal box, any shape it does not matter because it will be covered in glitter and sparkle, besides at my kids age being perfect and pristine is not what it is all about, it is about fun, getting glue and glitter everywhere and learning to be creative. Before the glitter I added glue to red paint, (choose your paint colour all personal preference) then add as much glitter as one can take. Hey presto!

I am having problems with my camera so I will post the decorations when I get it working but for now, imagine, create and have fun.

Camera is working, kind of but here is what I have got...

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